Sunday, 29 April 2012

Charity events coming up!

As you know I was born in Epsom Hospital also had my first work experience there at the tender age of 14 in the geriatric ward cleaning out bedpans and feeding patients.  I am a very keen supporter and campaigner for the hospital so it was a no-brainer to choose its own charity, Epsom Medical Equipment Fund, when deciding to enter the Round the Borough Walk 2012. I, along with many other people will be walking 20 miles on the 12th May in aid of our favourite charities.

The Round the Borough Walk joins up the beautiful open spaces in Epsom & Ewell including Epsom Downs, Epsom Common, Nonsuch Park, the Hogsmill and Horton Country Park.

The event starts at 8.30 am at Horton Country Park, which is one of my favourite spots for cycling and where I used to ride a lot as a child.

Unfortunately, with moving house recently I have not had a great deal of time, or any, to train for this walk so I am hoping that the Red Cross will be on hand with some dishy male nurses! I would appreciate though, your monetary support and would be very pleased for sponsorship or donations to Epsom Medical Equipment Fund.

Preparations for the Inter-party charity football match are going very well. and we have secured St Martins Junior School for the venue. Chris Grayling has very generously given up some of his time to give out the cup to the winning team. It would be great to see you there and any one wishing to help on a stand would be most welcome! We are also looking for volunteers to bake cakes that could also be sold for charity. Any contributions would be welcome just contact me at the address below!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Health and Education Conference Week

It's only Wednesday and so far it has been a very busy week. On Monday I attended the tele health conference at University of Surrey in Guildford entitled 'Driving the deployment of teletechnologies in Surrey'.

Various senior consultants, GPs and leaders of industry were gathered to listen to brief speeches on how new technology could change the way that patients are treated. Certainly it seems that there could be a lot of benefits to patients who would be able to be receive treatment and could be closely monitored by doctors and nurses from the comfort of their own home. This would allow patients to keep their independence and it has been argued that their health outcomes would increase from not going in to hospital.

Sarah Mitchell from Surrey County Council said that 'Telecare enables vulnerable people to remain in the community by reducing the risk of daily living... It complements telehealth by monitoring the external environment for alerts' She also went on to say that it could also help the young people with learning disabilities as they get older and is not just suitable for demention and elderly. '

However, I would worry that too much reliance on technology could lead to a lack of the human element with nursing and this would be a great shame. I would also worry that patients could be overlooked if technology failed. Which we all know does happen! There would also have to be compliance from patients as if you were to use a belt to measure certain changes in the body, you would have to rely on the patient not taking it off!

Yesterday I was invited to the EducationInvestor Summit 2012 at The Cumberland Hotel in London. This was an all day event made up of talks and debates from various Government policy makers and industry leaders. I was representing my company, Southern Tutors but I was able to gain some valuable insight on the free school, academies and building plans that could have a huge impact on our local area and be of benefit to all.

I was very interested to hear how in Milton Keynes the council had been building new schools. I was also interested to hear the ideas suggested for dual purpose in schools. Ideas such as sharing resources so that residents could use school libraries, leisure facilities and were also residential flats could be built above schools helping a combination of different problems that we have in Surrey.

There were issues that needed over coming such as public co operation with the private sector, but I did think that a lot of very good ideas were put forward and I look forward to researching them further.

Last night was the second Conservative practice for the inter party football match that I am organising the 15th July. So far we have a venue arranged in principle and lots of ideas for fundraising activities for other non football participants.

If you would like to represent your political party in the football or if you would like to help out at a cake stand or any other fundraising stall please do contact me at the address below!

Remember all the money raised will go to a local charity, so the more people getting involved the better!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Urgent News Flash for Burgh Heath Road residents!

Great news! I have received a message from Epsom and Ewell Borough Council regarding the fly tipping at the top of Burgh Heath Road:

'To Mrs Jane Race: A crew is scheduled to clear this within 2 working days. Thank you for the photograph which has helped pinpoint the location.'
Soon this picture will be a distant memory!

This is a great result especially as the Liberal Democrat County Councillor, Colin Taylor, said that this wouldn't be removed. This shows how much the Liberal Democrats know!

If you need any help with problems in the College Ward area please contact your Conservative campaigner, Jane Race, at the address below.

Jane Race sitting behind our Prime Minister, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Getting things done!

Last year: By nagging Surrey County Council your College Ward activists had unwanted, broken street lights removed from Downs Road. These street lights had been left for over two years without being removed. Needless to say residents were delighted and sent thank you emails after they had been removed.

We have also had several very large potholes filled in after a long period of complaining on twitter. One pothole was so big the road had to be blocked off causing severe problems for residents parking and access to homes.

We realised that residents need to be able to have better access to Conservative activists and so after the elections we resurrected the College Ward Conservative Branch. This is well established now and we are recruiting for new members who would like to get more involved in the community. Please contact me at the address below for more information! As you can see I have recently moved house and my husband and I are enjoying the new road very much!

So far in 2012: Builders have been dumping large bricks at the top of Burgh Heath Road. I have contacted the council and so far while they have rung me to ask whereabouts this was happening no further action has taken place. I will keep badgering them as fly tipping is dangerous and unsightly and should not be tolerated!

We have been continuing to raise awareness for Epsom Hospital and I have been regularly attending board meetings in order to monitor the progress made during the de-merger of the hospitals and bidding process. I will continue my upmost as Hospital Campaigner for Epsom and Ewell Conservative Association to keep you informed as the progress made. We have also been collecting money for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund in the Ashley Centre and last month raised almost £500 towards a baby's ultrasound machine!

In more attempts to raise money for charity I am hoping to organise an interparty 5 aside football charity match. The winning team gets to choose which charity receives the sponsorship money raised!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Welcome to my blog!

It's been a very busy week with Epsom hospital board meeting on Thursday and today, Good Friday, the family attended the walk of witness through Epsom High Street finishing with a service just outside the clock tower. The songs were surprisingly upbeat for Good Friday and everybody was in good voice. I suspect this also was due to the gorgeous sunshine. I would like to wish everybody a very happy Easter!

Some of you may have seen my letter published in the Epsom Guardian regarding disabled parking. For those that didn't get to read it, I would like to share it with you now! 

"It has come to my attention that Epsom council has decided to convert 12 of the disabled parking bays, in the town hall car park, into dual use during off - peak times. Surely it is during peak times that more parking bays are needed by the general public?
I would also like to ask the council why there are so few disabled parking spaces being used? I suspect it is because they are now having to pay for them. In other councils, such as Conservative -run Elmbridge still enjoy free parking and the general public have much cheaper parking than we enjoy in Epsom.
It is obvious that the council has failed to make money from the disabled, surely now it would be better to give them back free parking and get them back into Epsom and making good use of our shops."

However, good news for those using Church Road. After much complaining on twitter, sending emails to the County Council and Surrey Highways, the yellow lines are now put in and this photo is a thing of the past!