Saturday, 7 April 2012

Getting things done!

Last year: By nagging Surrey County Council your College Ward activists had unwanted, broken street lights removed from Downs Road. These street lights had been left for over two years without being removed. Needless to say residents were delighted and sent thank you emails after they had been removed.

We have also had several very large potholes filled in after a long period of complaining on twitter. One pothole was so big the road had to be blocked off causing severe problems for residents parking and access to homes.

We realised that residents need to be able to have better access to Conservative activists and so after the elections we resurrected the College Ward Conservative Branch. This is well established now and we are recruiting for new members who would like to get more involved in the community. Please contact me at the address below for more information! As you can see I have recently moved house and my husband and I are enjoying the new road very much!

So far in 2012: Builders have been dumping large bricks at the top of Burgh Heath Road. I have contacted the council and so far while they have rung me to ask whereabouts this was happening no further action has taken place. I will keep badgering them as fly tipping is dangerous and unsightly and should not be tolerated!

We have been continuing to raise awareness for Epsom Hospital and I have been regularly attending board meetings in order to monitor the progress made during the de-merger of the hospitals and bidding process. I will continue my upmost as Hospital Campaigner for Epsom and Ewell Conservative Association to keep you informed as the progress made. We have also been collecting money for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund in the Ashley Centre and last month raised almost £500 towards a baby's ultrasound machine!

In more attempts to raise money for charity I am hoping to organise an interparty 5 aside football charity match. The winning team gets to choose which charity receives the sponsorship money raised!

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