Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Round the Borough Walk 2012

James Tarbit, Jane Race, Councillor Darren Dale and Fiona Drummond
We were very lucky with the weather for the first time that I walked the 20 miles Round the Borough Walk.

I was joined by my husband and four Conservative colleagues, James Tarbit, Councillor Darren Dale and Fiona Drummond along with another hundred or so people who had come along for the walk either for charity or just to enjoy the lovely countryside.

We started off at Horton Country Park and headed towards Ewell, passing Ewell Castle School with our first 10 minute stop at Bourne Hall. We continued round Stoneleigh and went through Nonsuch Park. A place I remember visiting as a child. I have to say I was somewhat disappointed that there were no peacocks that I remember seeing when visiting as a little girl!

Jane Race, puts her first foot forward for charity!
I was hoping to raise money for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund as they are trying to raise £50,000 for a babies heart ultrasound machine a paediatric echocardiography scanner. So far Epsom Medical Equipment Fund has raised over 3 million pounds since its inception in 1979 and I feel very pleased to be able contribute in a modest way with our £200 sponsorship.

After resting at Bourne Hall we continued back by Nescot College towards Epsom Downs along through College Ward and up Burgh Heath Road, before having another stop at Martin's tea hut at the top of Epsom Downs. By this time, legs had started to hurt, but we still had to get round all of Walton Downs before heading over to Epsom Common and reaching the end where we had started on at 9.15am that morning.

As I live in College Ward, I know the Downs very well, which in some way made it worse as I knew we still had some way to go before we made it back to Epsom Common!

Epsom Common was looking particularly splendid, especially when we walked past the stew ponds where I had come on many field trips with school as a child, and where my older brother, Karl, had gone fishing. At this point I didn't need the map to know how to get back to the finish line!

I would like to thank all the boys from the TA who we had helped us cross the sometimes very busy roads and made sure we didn't get lost. It was great to see their friendly  faces!

I would also like to thank the organisers for making this such as enjoyable day and their foresight at having an ice cream van at the end of the walk! We were greeted on our return by Frances Rutter the Chief Executive of Epsom and Ewell who presented everyone with a certificate and badge!

Don't forget our next fundraiser will be the Inter- party Football Tournament on Sunday 15th July at St Martins Junior School!

If you wish to help with sponsorship, donating cakes, or playing in the match please contact me at the email address: janerace@ymail.com. Thank you!

Chris Grayling will be presenting the trophy at 3pm!

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