Monday, 24 June 2013

HGVs should use alternate to Burgh Heath Road in Epsom!

More must be done to stop HGVs using danger road

9:16am Monday 24th June 2013
I read with interest Councillor Morris' comments in last week's paper about the excessive use of lorries and HGVs using Hook Road due to the recycling centre and I would strongly ask her to also look at the ward she currently represents as to the amount of HGVs that use Burgh Heath Road.
Despite signage saying that Burgh Heath is unsuitable for HGVs it does not seem to deter them, especially during rush hour. Burgh Heath Road is very narrow in parts and has a blind bend. I have already spoken to Epsom Borough Council about cutting back the hedges to give cars more visibility. However if one meets an HGV, at speed, on the bend, there is very little room for error, and woe betide any mother pushing a push chair on the pavement.
Surrey County Council in conjunction with Surrey Police must work together to encourage HGV vehicles to use either the wider Downs Road or Ashley Road in the interests of safety. The sign saying the road is unsuitable for HGVs simply isn't enough, and is being ignored by drivers, and my concern is not only for oncoming cars but also pedestrians on the narrow pavement.
Jane Race

    Tuesday, 18 June 2013


    Please see below the latest from Chris Grayling MP on the fight to protect Epsom Hospital and its maternity and A&E!

    Chris Grayling MP presenting The Grayling Shield at the Southern Tutors Charity  5-A-Side Football Tournament.

    Dear constituent,

    I am writing to let you know that there has been an unexpected development in the review of the future of local hospital services, including the future of Epsom. The so-called Better Services Better Value team was due to go to public consultation this month on whether to remove A&E and maternity from Epsom and St Helier hospitals. However following intensive pressure from campaigners locally here in Epsom and Ewell, and Mole Valley, and similar pressure in Sutton over the future of St Helier, the process has been delayed until at least the autumn.

    Although the review team say that they are still planning to go ahead in the autumn, the delay means that it is much less likely that the process will continue as they had planned. This means at the very least that the threat to A&E and maternity at Epsom has been pushed back, and might be lifted altogether.

    As you know from my previous emails, there have been a wide range of concerns raised about the failings of the process. I have written to the Chief Executive of the NHS in England asking for a full investigation of the process so far, which has been riddled with problems. The latest to emerge is that information about travel times obtained under the Freedom of Information Act from the South Coast Ambulance Trust shows that the actual blue light transfer times from the Epsom area to other hospitals apart from Epsom are much longer than the Better Services Better Value team had suggested.

    I am now going to push for a proper, separate discussion about how best to organise health services in Surrey. I think that combining community and hospital services locally is a much better way of making sure that we keep costs down so that money can be spent on new treatments and drugs. This already happens with paediatric services in our area, and it could happen in other parts of the health system too. The delay provides a breathing space to look for alternatives for healthcare locally.

    Because of the delay, we will not now be pushing ahead with campaign activity this summer. But detailed plans had been prepared for when the consultation went ahead, and we will simply deploy these in the autumn if necessary.

    However I am hopeful that there will now be a real attempt to find a better future for Epsom Hospital than the rather clumsy London-focused review that we have seen in the last few months.

    With best wishes

    Chris Grayling

    Tuesday, 4 June 2013

    NHS England must stop BSBV removing essential Epsom Hospital services!

    NHS England must stop BSBV removing Epsom Hospital services

    9:14am Tuesday 4th June 2013
    NHS England must stop BSBV now
    Consider the following:
    May 7th: Senior Epsom doctors, some of whom have been involved in clinical BSBV groups, write an open letter, publishing their concerns about the lack of safety in the models of care being proposed by BSBV.
    May 16th: BSBV give bland reply in Epsom Guardian Letters page.
    May 17th 11:13am: BSBV staff write to Epsom Hospital asking for very basic information about what services we actually have!
    May 17th 1.30pm: Surrey Downs CCG actually vote (or don’t!!) at their board meeting to go to consultation on the present (absent!) evidence.
    May 23rd: BSBV write to medical directors, including Epsom and St Helier’s director, asking them to sign letter, which states they approve of all the proposals, the process and the models of care!
    BSBV must not be allowed to manipulate senior hospital staff.
    BSBV must not be allowed to remove Epsom Hospital’s essential services, which are the best in the country to have them be replaced with a service that our clinicians have argued is unsafe and could cost lives.
    Jane Race, Epsom Hospital Campaign