Monday, 24 June 2013

HGVs should use alternate to Burgh Heath Road in Epsom!

More must be done to stop HGVs using danger road

9:16am Monday 24th June 2013
I read with interest Councillor Morris' comments in last week's paper about the excessive use of lorries and HGVs using Hook Road due to the recycling centre and I would strongly ask her to also look at the ward she currently represents as to the amount of HGVs that use Burgh Heath Road.
Despite signage saying that Burgh Heath is unsuitable for HGVs it does not seem to deter them, especially during rush hour. Burgh Heath Road is very narrow in parts and has a blind bend. I have already spoken to Epsom Borough Council about cutting back the hedges to give cars more visibility. However if one meets an HGV, at speed, on the bend, there is very little room for error, and woe betide any mother pushing a push chair on the pavement.
Surrey County Council in conjunction with Surrey Police must work together to encourage HGV vehicles to use either the wider Downs Road or Ashley Road in the interests of safety. The sign saying the road is unsuitable for HGVs simply isn't enough, and is being ignored by drivers, and my concern is not only for oncoming cars but also pedestrians on the narrow pavement.
Jane Race

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