Tuesday, 4 June 2013

NHS England must stop BSBV removing essential Epsom Hospital services!

NHS England must stop BSBV removing Epsom Hospital services

9:14am Tuesday 4th June 2013
NHS England must stop BSBV now
Consider the following:
May 7th: Senior Epsom doctors, some of whom have been involved in clinical BSBV groups, write an open letter, publishing their concerns about the lack of safety in the models of care being proposed by BSBV.
May 16th: BSBV give bland reply in Epsom Guardian Letters page.
May 17th 11:13am: BSBV staff write to Epsom Hospital asking for very basic information about what services we actually have!
May 17th 1.30pm: Surrey Downs CCG actually vote (or don’t!!) at their board meeting to go to consultation on the present (absent!) evidence.
May 23rd: BSBV write to medical directors, including Epsom and St Helier’s director, asking them to sign letter, which states they approve of all the proposals, the process and the models of care!
BSBV must not be allowed to manipulate senior hospital staff.
BSBV must not be allowed to remove Epsom Hospital’s essential services, which are the best in the country to have them be replaced with a service that our clinicians have argued is unsafe and could cost lives.
Jane Race, Epsom Hospital Campaign

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