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BSBV must cease misinformation campaign!

To All; Please note that this e mail is sent to NHS England, (kindly forward to David Nicholson), Jeremy Hunt, BSBV (kindly forward to Marian Plant and Mike Bailey ) SCC Health Scrutiny Committee members BBC Radio, National Journalists, local journalists, our Member of Parliament, Chris Grayling, Save St Helier campaign who requested our FOI figures after seeing Marian Plant's Myth Busters page, the CEO of Epsom St Helier Trust and the medical director of St Helier NHS Trust and all members of Surrey Downs CCG.

Please would Dawn forward this to Agatha Nortley-Meshe as latter is mentioned here.

Dear Surrey Downs CCG Board members, David Nicholson. Marilyn Plant, Mike Bailey, BSBV staff, Matthew, Ruth, Chris, SCC Health Scrutiny Committee members, members of the press and campaign members.

For those of you who are disinclined to bother to listen to the publicwe would ask you to at least look at the attached FOI answers re ambulance blue light times, in 
conjunction with Marilyn Plant's last ' Myth Buster ' page copied at footing of e mail  below. Astonishing 

The public have engaged with the information campaign BSBV have been involved in for the last few weeks on Twitter and in the media, giving evidence of facts we have collected regarding BSBV in relation to Surrey residents and their needs. We would have preferred that these members of staff had used the pause in BSBV to collect this information themselves. This culminated in Marilyn and Mike's 'myth busting" daily web-site posting!!  Is this a good use of doctors' time, which we, the public, pay for??

Included in the twitter exchange, which preceded the web site nonsense, were details of the type of FOI facts we have collected, these was given to Agatha and Marilyn, via twitter, earlier this week.

There is NO excuse, therefore, for the misrepresentation that has taken place! It is time that this shambolic process is laid to rest and the staff dealt with appropriately!

We hope NHS England will take note of how even recorded blue light ambulance times are dismissed as untrue.

In view of this, no members of the public can have any confidence that any genuine consultation will be possible.

It may be that many of you expect the public to be cynical about NHS presentation of information but we continue to insist that the public voice should be heard and that FACTS should be the basis upon which any changes are made. Increased safety for some patients should not be an excuse for increased risk for others.

'So, to BSBV's so called Myth Busting week!!
Most of the points made relate to Epsom's objections (unsurprising as there are so many flaws with the process relating to Epsom, hence so many objections.)

8th July. Mike Bailey states 10 % patients in London more likely to die at weekends. Once again leaves out Epsom and St Helier's below average mortality rate at weekends, shown in the information they used.

9th July. Mike attempts to 'Bust' his next myth
That BSBV did have all evidence!

An E mail sent to Epsom and St Helier staff asking for very basic information, on same day our CCG was supposed to vote on the BSBV proposals, dismissed as "up dating".   If one doesn't have basic information available how is one recommending a process to CCGs?
10th July
Mike Bailey knows the London 168 hours cover for maternity is unaffordable- if Royal Colleges are happy with what we do, don't pretend an unaffordable alternative will be put in place, -is this so Epsom staff can be removed in the meantime?

11th July
Mike makes up own myths!!
We had pointed to NHS England's evidence re OOH GP only led units being unsafe for children- not quoting NHS England opinion on BSBV.
Whether it's a minor injuries unit or an urgent care centre, if GPs cannot treat /diagnose/cater for very sick children, as in the NHS England evidence, that is surely what BSBV should be taking into account- Our area must have acute paediatric help, very specialised cases are already taken elsewhere, but having medical staff available to travel with paramedics is obviously not an affordable option for all children who fall ill.

Dr Marilyn Plant. Denies that a "terrible" thing like gagging has ever happened!!
Please see attached media protocol- if doctors have to get BSBV approval before speaking out, what does this amount to??

If there was real freedom, why were medical directors of all 5 hospitals asked to sign a pro forma letter approving all BSBV work? Medical Directors should have been asked to comments on all areas, under subjects required, so they could express their real opinions based on the facts. 

The following is cut and paste from Marilyn's web page. Bear in mind that we
 had explained, via twitter, that our ambulance times were, in fact all blue
 light times. See the letter from SECAM attached which shows they are giving
 all category A blue light times for the dates requested and they actually
 couldn't give the other ambulance times , as requested in the 3rd question,
 owing to time that would be required for collecting such information 

Dr Marilyn Plant 12th July 2013
We have used the recognised best practice method available when calculating all travel times. Our times are drawn from satellite navigation data based on millions of actual journeys.
Both the London Ambulance Service and the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) have examined and supported our methodology and we are in continuous dialogue with both about the likely impact on their services.

SECAmb data released following a Freedom of Information request relates to all journeys by ambulance, and not
 just ‘blue light’ travel times.  We know from conversations with.....
end of M Plant's quote

We think it is outrageous that not only do the public have to collect information for this process but that, instead of using the pause time to do the work properly, the actual facts are disputed in this way.

The child mentioned in NHS England's reports deteriorated when 999 calls didn't result in an ambulance attending in 30 minutes. 
We know, from our time in LINks, that sick children have suffered from long transfer times both for surgery and during transfer back from a London Hospital.

The Darzi report shows 24 minutes maximum transfer time in Labour before an "adverse" occurs. The birthplace study cited by BSBV shows 40% of first time mothers need transfer in or just after labour so a midwife only led unit would not be safe because of our ambulance times

We show the link below so you can assess the way the main BSBV staff think public concern should be addressed!!

The debacle we have witnessed since Epsom was thrust into the already flawed BSBV should be a lesson to the NHS - changes must be based on facts-

Kind regards,
Jane Race (who provided all data via twitter to BSBV, in last few weeks)
Rosemary Najim

Epsom Hospital campaign Former LINks members. No vested interest, unlike some mentioned above, 
in any private or NHS service, except as patients! 

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