Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rip off Council propose another price rise for parking in Epsom town centre

Councillors must stop fleecing residents over parking charges

9:30am Tuesday 22nd October 2013

 I am writing in response to the Epsom Guardian’s online article stating that the council wants to increase the parking charges in Epsom again.

When I first suggested to the new town centre manager, Adam Worley, the introduction of an Epsom Card I hoped that he would copy the scheme similar to the Cobham Village Card, where members receive money off shops in return for their loyalty.

I also asked him to reduce parking charges in line with other neighbouring areas.
What the council is proposing comes with an annual fee and will lead to an increase in parking charges, making parking on a Sunday more expensive than car parks in Guildford.

This is quite outrageous.

Councillor Morris agreeing to the council’s proposals to increase car parking fees is again reiterating what the Resident Association councillors have said, i.e. that car parking charges and council tax are the only revenue streams available.

Charging blue badge holders in efforts to raise more money has certainly failed, as most of the disabled parking bays in the Town Hall car park, and Upper High Street remain empty.

Councillor Morris is very mistaken if she thinks that Epsom parking charges are not expensive compared to similar neighbouring towns, and to say '"I love my town and if you don’t like Epsom go and live somewhere else and stop running the town down." is equally out of touch with reality.

I love my town too, but I want to be able to afford to use it! With energy prices going up, we are going to have to pay more just to breathe! How is increasing parking charges helping Epsom residents?
Councillors must think of alternative ways to raise revenue other than fleecing taxpayers!

Jane Race; Epsom

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