Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Epsom Hospital Board Meeting

On the 6th December I attended Epsom Hospital's Board Meeting to hear the latest news. 

Sutton Hospital
Sutton Hospital
6 December 2013
Plans to transfer some of the services from the Sutton Hospital site to St Helier and Epsom hospitals moved a step closer today, as the Trust Board, together with Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group have both agreed the proposals.
These changes will improve the services we offer to our patients, improve the working environment for our staff and will help us to balance the books.
We aim to move the services with as little disruption to patients as possible, and importantly, around three quarters of our patients will have a similar journey or will benefit from a shorter journey following the changes.
And, with an extra £4.5 million in capital to move our services into upgraded facilities at both Epsom and St Helier hospitals, improvements to our principal sites are already underway for the benefit of our patients, visitors and staff.
Chief Operating Officer, Jackie Sullivan, said: "This is excellent news for our patients and staff as it will allow us to maintain the full range of clinical services we currently provide, invest in better quality surroundings at St Helier and Epsom, and for many people, provide care closer to where they live.
"Around 60 per cent of patients at Sutton already use Epsom or St Helier hospital services, so we hope they will be in a familiar environment. In some cases it means that patients will have all their appointments in one place rather than travelling between our sites.
"In addition, locating the extra clinics and services at our main hospitals will strengthen both St Helier and Epsom clinically and financially, saving us more than £3 million each year.
"Our patients, staff, NHS partners and local councils have helped us to shape these plans and we will continue to work closely with each of these groups to ensure the moves take place with as little disruption as possible."
Dr Brendan Hudson, Chair of Sutton CCG said: "We have worked closely with the Trust to ensure that these moves will benefit patients with an improved healthcare environment and, for a number of people, care closer to home.
"The service move will bring together a comprehensive eye clinic and casualty at St Helier Hospital while retaining the very busy blood taking clinic at Sutton Hospital."
The Trust plans to leave a fifth of current activity at Sutton, including blood testing, pain management and chronic fatigue clinics. A fifth will transfer to Epsom, including urology (treatment of urinary tract conditions) and some eye clinics, with the remainder moving to St Helier, including the eye unit hub and general outpatient clinics.
As a result of these changes, three quarters of patients will see no change to their travel distance or be closer to where they are treated.
It is planned to stage the moves over a six month period from February to August 2014.

Trust Board Meeting (in Public) Part 1
Friday 6th December 2013 in Conference Room 1, Postgraduate Centre, 2nd Floor, Wells Wing, Epsom Hospital, Dorking Road, Epsom KT18 8EG
1. Introduction
9:30am to 11:30am
1.1 CHAIRMANS WELCOME: Laurence Newman
Members are reminded they have a requirement to declare any matter which might conflict, or be perceived to conflict, with their position as a member of the Board as detailed in Section138 of the Trusts Standing Orders.
2. General Business Issues
2.1 MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 8TH NOVEMBER 2013: Laurence Newman, Chairman
2.2 MATTERS ARISING REPORT: Laurence Newman, Chairman
2.3 ACTIONS LOG: Laurence Newman, Chairman
2.4 CHAIRMAN’S UPDATE: Laurence Newman
2.5. CHIEF EXECUTIVE’S UPDATE: Matthew Hopkins
3. Strategic Issues
3.1 BETTER SERVICES, BETTER VALUE REVIEW UPDATE: Peter Davies, Director of Strategy and Business Development
TB 142/13 TB 143/13 TB 144/13
TB 145/13
14. Quality, Performance and Patient Safety
4.1 INFECTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL MONTHLY REPORT: Pippa Hart, Director of Nursing Standards and Quality Assurance
4.2 FRANCIS RECOMMENDATIONS ACTION PLAN: Dr James Marsh, Joint Medical Director
4.3 PATIENT EXPERIENCE REPORT: Pippa Hart, Director of Nursing Standards and Quality Assurance
4.4 NURSING AND MIDWIFERY STRATEGY 2013-2016: Pippa Hart, Director of Nursing Standards and Quality Assurance
4.5 PERFORMANCE REPORT MONTH 7: Chrisha Alagaratnam, Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Finance
4.6 FINANCE REPORT MONTH 7: Chrisha Alagaratnam, Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Finance
4.7 COMMUNICATIONS REPORT: Rachel Royall, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs
4.8 WARD ESTABLISHMENTS UPDATE REPORT: Pippa Hart, Director of Nursing Standards and Quality Assurance
5. Items for Approval
5.1 CHANGES TO TRUST SERVICES AT SUTTON HOSPITAL Jackie Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer
5.2 RESPONSIBLE OFFICER’S (MEDICAL REVALIDATION) BOARD REPORT: Dr Martin Stockwell, Associate Medical Director, Responsible Officer
6. Items for Information
6.2 CONTRACTS AWARDED OVER £50K: Chrisha Alagaratnam, Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Finance and Performance
7. Minutes and Reports from Board Committees
7.1 TRUST EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Matthew Hopkins, Chief Executive and Chair of the Committee
Meeting held on 20th November 2013
7.2 FINANCE AND SERVICE IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE: Laurence Newman, Chairman and Chair of the Committee Meeting held on 28th November 2013
TB 155/13
TB 156/13
TB 157/13
TB 158/13
TB 146/13 TB 147/13 TB 148/13 TB 149/13 TB 150/13
and Performance
TB 151/13 and Performance
Verbal report TB 151a/13
TB 152/13 TB 153/13
TB 154/13
Cherry McCormack, Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Committee
Meeting held on 22nd November 2013
7.4 PATIENT SAFETY AND QUALITY COMMITTEE: TB 159/13 Professor David Oliveira, Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Committee Meeting held on 29th November 2013
8. Any Other Business 9. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Trust Board will take place on Friday 7th February 2014 in the Nonsuch Room, Postgraduate Centre, St Helier Hospital, Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 1AA from 9:30am.
10. Closure
The Board is asked to resolve to exclude the public from Part II of the meeting due to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted and because publicity of the items for consideration would be prejudicial to the public interest.
Questions from the Public
There will be an opportunity for members of staff, volunteers and the public to put questions to the Board in between parts I and II of the Board meeting.
Phil Ireland Trust Secretary 020 8296 3402

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