Thursday, 29 May 2014

Letter printed in Epsom Guardian: Don't waste opportunity

Don't waste opportunity

9:40am Thursday 22nd May 2014
It is with much disappointment that I hear that the town centre manager has resigned after such a short period in the role.
When I first met Adam, at the beginning of his term, he was very positive about the changes that could be made in Epsom town centre in order to revitalise the town, to make it more attractive to new businesses and also easier and cheaper for residents to use.  His loss will now substantially delay any progress that could have been made in the town centre.
Epsom has had much need of a town centre manager, and has waited a long time for the council to appoint one. In the last month we have lost another two businesses from the town centre. It is very important that when a replacement is found for Adam that the council officers, RA led borough councillors and other stakeholders are willing to listen to their recommendations and realise that substantial changes are required if Epsom is going to thrive and return to the lovely town that it once was.
Both national government and the Ashley Centre have outlaid a substantial amount of money for this appointment. Let’s not see it go to waste!
Jane Race

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