Thursday, 30 July 2015

The letter to The Guardian that THEY don't want you to read!

It was with great disappointment that the Epsom Guardian decided not to publish my letter to the editor regarding the Aldi development. I would have thought they would want to know what the local Councillors think about developments in the area. I want to know what my fellow residents think about this development. I am writing this for you!

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to your article published in last week’s Epsom Guardian dated 23rd July, about the possible new development from Aldi. I have seen the proposals put forward by Aldi, that have been leafleted to neighbours nearby and I am of the opinion that the plans are entirely unsuitable for the area. The junction at Church Road and Alexandra Road is already problematic and this would add to the traffic congestion, which would be dangerous for both traffic and also pedestrians. Alexandra Road has a history of serious road accidents resulting from speeding cars and this would only exacerbate the problem. Although additional parking has been offered, I doubt whether it would be sufficient and this will add to the parking congestion both on neighbouring roads and also for the doctor’s surgery next door.
The width of the small roads nearby are totally unsuitable for large delivery lorries which will have great difficulty entering and exiting the site and which will cause obstruction on both Alexandra and Church Road.
 As to whether we actually need another supermarket, an altogether different question, I am doubtful about this also. It certainly would have a negative impact on the smaller shops on nearby roads and Upper High Street, which are still suffering from the expensive parking charges Epsom has to endure. I am very interested to know the views from both Epsom residents, commuters and anyone else it will impact on. My email address:

Councillor Jane Race
Conservative Councillor for College Ward Epsom.

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